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We have been closed since summer 2019, however, due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are considering REOPENING soon in order to HELP BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEMS with our probiotic foods & drinks.


In-Stock Menu



  • Various Flavours

    • $12 - 1L​​​ (SOLD OUT)

Gut Party
Anti-inflammatory, Probiotic Shooter 

New to Gut Healing?  Start HERE!
Shoot it daily or enjoy on rice.

  • $12 - 1L (SOLD OUT)

Spicy Kombucha Mustard

  • $6 - 250ml​ (SOLD OUT)



  • $14 - 1L (SOLD OUT)


Kimchi w/ shredded green cabbage

  • $8.50 - 500ml (SOLD OUT)


Fermented Garlic

  • $12 - 111g (SOLD OUT)


Ginger Cider Vinegar

Like raw apple cider vinegar!
Billions of probiotics & liver cleansing acids in each sip.

  • $10 - 500ml (SOLD OUT)


Gluten-Free Vegan Sourdough Pizza Crust

  • $10 - 9-10" crust* (SOLD OUT)

*small holes and cracks are a normal part of the sourdough baking process (your crust should still hold together)

Baked sporadically; sell out quickly!
To be notified of BAKING DATES:

DIY Starter Cultures


ALL cultures are SOLD OUT

  • $20 - GF Sourdough Starter

  • $20 - Water Kefir Grains

  • $25 - Milk Kefir Grains

  • $25 - Kombucha SCOBY

  • $25 - Jun SCOBY


Fermented tea (non-alcoholic)

  • billions of probiotics

  • prebiotics

  • live enzymes

  • liver cleansing acids

  • low caffeine

water, tea, starter culture, sugar

Think Kombucha isn't for you? 

Try OURS - you might be surprised!

kombucha w pizza.jpg
Fermented Veggies:

Traditionally fermented. 

  • raw

  • billions of lactobacilli probiotics

  • live enzymes

  • fibre

raw veggies​, water, sea salt

Just like Grandma used to make! 

No high heat or vinegar here.

Includes ferments such as:

  • sauekraut (cabbage)

  • carrots

  • garlic

  • seasonal veggies (cauliflower, red peppers, etc)


Traditionally fermented veggies

  • raw

  • billions of

    • probiotics

    • live enzymes

cabbage​, carrots, green onions, fish sauce, tamari, sea salt, red pepper flakes (mild spicyness)

Perfect as a side dish or condiment.

Try it on a burger, eggs or rice!

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Spicy Probiotic Mustard:

Mustard with fermented vinegar

  • raw

  • billions of

    • probiotics

    • live enzymes

    • liver cleansing acids

  • old-fashioned texture​

fermented vinegar, mustard seed, garlic, onion, turmeric, sea salt

Amazing on meat & sandwiches! 

Perfect for those who avoid other fermented foods.

mustard teasers.jpg
Sourdough Pizza Crust:

Gluten Free & Vegan, ready to top.

  • sourdough

    • easy to digest

    • flavourful

  • not dense

  • doesn't fall apart

(secret recipe)

The best tasting pizza crust around!

Doesn't taste gluten-free.